The Hybrid Model

Physical therapy- on your schedule

Physical Therapy Options

At Body in Motion, we offer years of expertise and a full range of physical therapy options to address various needs. Our medical professionals provide personalized care and efficient, results-driven physical therapy treatment plans. We’re dedicated to helping you achieve your health and wellness goals through our comprehensive physical therapy services in Connecticut.

In-Clinic Physical Therapy

personalized PT options in CT- the way it should be

Advanced Physical Therapy

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Hybrid physical therapy means we see our clients in the office for one-on-one physical therapy and coach clients digitally via our training app. In the clinic, we perform high-quality, hands-on interventions. Between the in-person sessions, we coach our clients through our digital training app. This increases client compliance and success as it provides accountability.

Our app allows our doctors to communicate with clients daily to explain exactly what they need to do for home exercises. Who has time to sit in a physical therapy clinic three times a week? Our hybrid model saves time, provides faster recovery, and allows for clear communication in between in-person visits.

Most clients are seen two to four times a month in the office and are coached via our app, where clients have 24/7 access to their Doctor of Physical Therapy. This is physical therapy redefined.

Typically, the more acute/recent the problem, the quicker we tend to see positive results. Acute injuries can often be resolved in just a few visits to our clinic in Bloomfield. However, more serious or chronic injuries will usually take somewhat longer to effectively treat.

Factors such as age, overall health, and lifestyle definitely also play a role in how much treatment is needed to get you back to doing what you love. With that said, we do occasionally see major changes quite quickly, even if a problem has persisted for many years. It really depends on many things, which we can identify and more clearly determine at your initial evaluation or in a FREE consult. At Body in Motion Physical Therapy we often see our clients heal faster due to the 1:1 comprehensive nature of our treatment plans.

Within our digital app clients receive their customized exercise program. This program looks different for each client depending on goals, time constraints, equipement, and areas of pain. A Body in Motion staff member demonstrates each prescribed exercise with voiceover for proper initiation of the exercise for clients to follow along with. Clients have the option to upload videos for their Doctor to assess form with the prescribed exercises. It is expected that clients will also log biofeedback measures within the app as a way to track progress. For example, clients can track if there is an onset of pain during certain exercises and weight/resistance is also tracked. Clients are emailed daily with the daily plan linking straight to the app for ease of access. Clients will also be emailed if they miss a workout for accountability purposes. Lastly, there is an in app texting feature to ensure clear communication and support is maintained with all our clients.

We are out of network with all commercial insurances. We are only in network with Workers Compensation. That said, your insurance MAY cover services however we do expect payment at the time of service. We can provide all of our clients who visit us in person an itemized receipt of services which is referred to as a “superbill”. Clients are welcome to submit these superbills to their insurance company for potential reimbursement. This service offered at Body in Motion Physical Therapy does qualify for HSA reimbursement. Clients are welcome to pay for their Physical Therapy or any qualified medical expenses using their HSA card.

Risk Assessment

Mobility and injury assessments

Identifying The Problem

Start with a free preliminary evaluation to determine the best physical therapy options for you

Do you ever deal with the same injuries over and over again, only for them to come back when you finally think you have healed up? Have you been out of work or stopped doing activities that you enjoy because you fear that the same pain or a new pain will appear?

Don’t let those same old injuries keep you from the things you love.

At Body in Motion Physical Therapy, we are committed to keeping people injury-free. We want nothing more than for our patients to return to running the trails, playing with their kids, or getting back in the gym hitting the weights.


Digital Wellness Coaching

Online Pain Relief

discover the benefits of telewellness

Online Pain Relief Coaching

How Do Online Telewellness Treatments Work?

Pain relief from Body in Motion telewellness and online coaching is not only possible, it is also an effective form of online telemedicine treatments that can help you reduce pain or recover from injury at home. You can contact our experienced online Physical Therapists to learn the most-important stretches, exercises, and self treatment techniques to increase mobility, decrease pain, and keep you living the active lifestyle you desire.

During your telewellness session we will personally guide you through a full evaluation to determine exactly what is causing your pain or limitations. We will address lifestyle factors such as sleep, stress, nutrition or activities that may be impacting your pain and function. We will then invite you to join our digital app where you will find your customized home program to address everything found in our evaluation.

Our clients have been amazed by their positive results and our ability to get rid of pain and limitations even though the treatment doesn’t take place in a clinic. Our online telewellness services are effective because we hold you accountable for regular, purposeful movement with 24/7 access to your coach all within our app.

Dry Needling

Non-invasive and effective

Trigger Point Dry Needling

the most effective local muscle treatment

Dry Needling for Immediate Relief

Trigger point dry needling combined with muscle therapy is the most effective treatment for muscle pain

Dry needling, or intramuscular therapy, is a technique designed to help treat musculoskeletal or myofascial pain. It involves inserting a small needle into specific areas called “trigger points.” These trigger points are tender, irritable spots in fascia and muscles, and palpable nodules in taut bands of tissue. The results are often immediate and noticeable improvements in pain, range of motion, and your ability to move. To learn more, please visit our dry needling page.

Yes. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) uses “meridians” to guide treatment while Dry Needling, or intramuscular therapy, uses trigger points to guide treatment. Those palpable spots are not associated with organ systems or ‘chi.’ The work of Travell and Simons was instrumental in finding these trigger points and have been verified in research.

Whether you strained your back working in the yard or hurt your knee on your most recent run, dry needling can be a huge help to get you back to everyday activities. The muscles in your body’s back will be able to finally relax following needling and your sleep could improve. Muscle spasms and inflammation can happen anywhere in the body with injury. What if that spasm could be relieved in just a few sessions? Don’t wait for the pain to become worse before you do something about it.

Each session of dry needling will begin with mapping the body of active trigger points in the body. This may include previous points found in earlier sessions and new points that show up during the current session. We ask that you wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing so we can access all the areas we need to during our session of intramuscular therapy.

Each needle is pre-packaged in a sterilized tube that is used only once for each area and the skin is prepped with an alcohol rub. Once the trigger point is found the needle is inserted into the muscles where the trigger point is. A local twitch response in not uncommon which is brief. There may be some discomfort with the insertion of the needle, but most needle insertions are painless for most people.

Your feedback will be critical to help guide our treatment to ensure the most effective treatment. At the end of treatment we will re-evaluate the previous motions that were painful prior to treatment. We often find a very noticeable change in range of motion and pain levels.

There are certain cases where dry needling is not advised: If you are pregnant, have a phobia of needles, consistently low blood pressure (110/60), or currently taking anticoagulants, you should not receive dry needling. If you have any other concerns about dry needling, please contact us and we can discuss it in further detail. (774) 287-0143

As stated above, improvements in pain and your ability to perform your sport/exercise can often occur from the very first treatment. However, for some people it can take 3-4 sessions before we notice a major change in symptoms.

The more acute an injury the quicker we typically notice a change. The more chronic the conditions obviously takes longer. In our experience 90% of patients get some relief with trigger point dry needling.

Don’t let that nagging pain keep you from exercising, performing at work, and getting the best sleep possible.

Therapeutic Exercise

Exercise that benefits, not hurts

Exercise and training

we will show you how to exercise the right way

Physical Activity

Therapeutic exercise is an integral piece of our practice and the results you will get with our treatment. While our manual therapy techniques provide a window of opportunity with improved pain and range of motion, it’s therapeutic exercise that utilizes that opportunity to regain strength, speed healing, and resolve harmful compensations that you’ve developed. Ultimately, movement is the best medicine for most of the ailments we see.

With that said, most therapeutic exercises and components of your “home exercise program” can be performed outside of the clinical setting using any equipment that is available to you even if it’s only body weight and very simple forms of resistance.

For this reason, we teach our patients the exercises they need to do, and it is then their responsibility to complete their home program on their own time. When our patients are at the clinic, they are not spending time on things that they can reproduce or perform themselves. We can’t stand when we hear stories of physical therapists having their patients simply repeat all their home exercises in the clinic… what a waste of time and money!

We hold the belief that tissue needs to be loaded and that it will adapt to stresses placed on it. When conditions are acute and inflamed we typically have our patients revise their exercise routine in order to allow an appropriate physiological healing to occur.

As your condition becomes less acute, we will begin to load the tissues and joints with more exercises to allow the tissue to adapt. We offer and choose from an extensive library of exercises within our app that will keep on you on track and get you back to life without pain.

Contact us so we can help guide you to make appropriate changes. There is a distinct difference between injury-pain and exercise-soreness, and learning to distinguish these things will be critical to make appropriate modifications to your exercise routine. We are Doctors and pain relief coaches for our clients and these are skills you will learn as a Body in Motion athlete.

Have you ever skipped a workout because you just didn’t know what to do? Have you ever gotten to the gym and went straight for the elliptical because you were overwhelmed by the other equipment? If so, Muscles in Motion is PERFECT for YOU!

Muscles in Motion is our premium strength training program which is prebuilt to suite any body at any level. This is a 100% digital program which occurs within our coaching app. This program is perfect for the individual who doesn’t necessarily have pain but wants to have accountability for doing more efficient and effective workouts. This program is also perfect for busy individuals who enjoy going to the gym or working out at home but don’t want to spin their wheels any longer trying to figure out what to do.

Muscles in Motion includes “office hours” with Dr. Nicole every Sunday evening from 6-9pm ET where Dr. Nicole will review exercise performance and answer questions.

If this approach to fitness sounds like one that will allow you to reach your health/wellness goals, call or text (774)-287-0143 to get more information on how to join Muscles in Motion.