Physical Therapy Screen & Injury Risk Assessment

Physical Therapy Screen & Injury Risk Assessment

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Injury risk assessments are crucial for understanding and addressing physical limitations and potential health issues before they become severe. At Body in Motion, we specialize in comprehensive injury risk assessments and PT screens in Connecticut. Our experienced therapists are dedicated to identifying and mitigating injury risks to help you safely perform daily activities, sports, and occupational tasks.

What Are Physical Therapy Screenings and Injury Risk Assessments?

Physical therapy screenings and injury risk assessments are essential tools for evaluating your physical capabilities and limitations. These assessments involve various tests to measure strength, endurance, positional tolerance and the ability to handle daily physical demands. They provide a clear picture of your physical health, allowing our therapists to create tailored rehabilitation plans.

We conduct the following tests during your PT screen or injury risk assessment at our Connecticut office:

  • Strength Testing: Evaluates muscle strength and imbalances.
  • Endurance Testing: Measures cardiovascular and muscular endurance.
  • Positional Tolerance Testing: Assesses your ability to maintain certain positions.
  • Movement Assessment: Analyzes your movement patterns and identifies potential risks.
  • Gait Assessment: Analyzes your walking and running patterns to identify potential risks.
  • Mobility Testing: Evaluates how well your joints move.

People typically consult a physical therapist for an injury assessment when they experience pain, have suffered an injury or want to prevent potential injuries.

Questions Answered by Injury Screenings and Physical Therapy Assessments

Our screenings and assessments provide answers to critical questions about your physical health and capabilities, including:

  • Can the patient return to work safely?
  • How severe is the patient’s pain?
  • What type of job can the patient physically handle?
  • What are the patient’s safe lifting tolerances?
  • What work accommodations could be made?
  • What is the next appropriate step in rehabilitation?
  • What are the patient’s cardiovascular and physical endurance limitations?
  • What are the patient’s positional tolerances?

Benefits of Physical Therapy Screenings and Injury Risk Assessments

Physical therapy screenings and injury risk assessments offer numerous benefits, including:

  • Quick Identification of Pain Sources: These assessments help pinpoint the exact cause of your pain, enabling faster and more effective treatment.
  • Customized Rehabilitation Plans: Based on the assessment results, we develop personalized rehabilitation plans that address your unique needs.
  • Prevention of Future Injuries: By understanding your physical limits and capabilities, we can help you avoid future injuries.
  • Improved Physical Performance: Regular assessments can help enhance your physical performance, whether in daily activities or athletic endeavors.
  • Workplace Safety: For workers, these assessments help you perform your job safely and effectively, potentially reducing workplace injuries.

What Is Involved During a PT Screen or Injury Assessment?

At Body in Motion, a PT screen or injury assessment starts with a preliminary evaluation to determine the best treatment. Our therapists start with an initial evaluation to determine your strength, endurance and positional tolerance using hands on assessment tools and movement screens.

Something that sets us apart from traditional Physical Therapy is that we offer a hybrid approach to Physical Therapy and injury prevention. This includes personalized in-clinic sessions and telewellness services. Our telewellness option provides online pain relief coaching with customized home programs accessible via our digital app, ensuring you stay on track.

Our advanced risk assessment services identify potential issues and recommend appropriate treatments. Whether you opt for in-clinic, purely online sessions, or a hybrid approach, our comprehensive approach ensures high-quality, personalized care. Choose Body in Motion for thorough PT screens in Connecticut and start your journey to better health today.

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Injury screenings and PT assessments are crucial for identifying pain sources and creating effective rehabilitation plans. Consulting a healthcare professional promotes a safe and efficient recovery. Body in Motion’s therapists offer personalized, comprehensive evaluations, both in-clinic and online, setting us apart from other providers.

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